ASL in the UK or Ireland or Scotland, recognised by the Italian government.

In addition to improving your work skills, our Alternanza Scuola Lavoro programmes will give you the chance to improve and practice using English in a real environment.

Students have different needs and personalities, so to achieve the goals of ASL, different options are essential to suit the varying requirements and expectations of students.
Unfortunately, many students just do work experience in order to fulfil the needs of Alternanza Scuola Lavoro, which is a great pity. 
However, T2E strive to help you benefit from this obligation by providing inspirational and stimulating experiences, relevant to your idea of a career path.
As it is the global language of business, being able to communicate in English is essential.
Several studies have shown that non-native speakers with a high level of English,tend to earn higher salaries, so fulfilling your ASL obligation while improving your English at the same time is, simply put; a win-win situation.
If you feel that your English level would stop you from taking work experience alone then you can choose to combine your placement with a relevant English study course beforehand. An optional Employability Skills Preparation course will help you prepare for your ASL, if you feel you lack confidence.