One school in Dublin and another in Galway
“The mission of Atlantic
Language is to provide
excellent tuition,
accommodation, customer
support and related services to
enable and support the life and
learning objectives of our
students, catering to their
specific educational needs in
the unique social and cultural
environment of Ireland.”




To achieve this, Atlantic’s educational approach is underpinned
by the following:
Atlantic Language Objectives:
• A communicative approach in our teaching methods;
• Students prepared to be able to communicate competently
outside of the classroom;
• Lessons carefully prepared within the remit of the core
syllabus and corresponding level;
• A focus on the development of all four skills, both receptive
(listening and reading) and productive (speaking and writing);
• A variety of approaches best-suited to each particular
situation e.g. process writing, guided discovery;
• Students becoming autonomous learners, with individual
strengths and weaknesses identified by the class teacher and
the Academic Department;
• A subsequent focus on study methods and skills which marry
with students’ personal preference and style;
• Increased confidence having been prepared for real-life
communication through the achievement of Atlantic
Language’s objectives for them.
• Quality Language provision through learner-centred
instruction in all classes;
• Development of autonomous study and language learning
• Promotion of cultural and linguistic excellence;
• Provision of high-quality admission, counselling and
general student services.



  • FCE
  • Young Learners Summer School

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