We have a committed and professional team who are responsible for ensuring that each student coming into the school is looked after and is made to feel a part of the school.

Spencer and Paulina Fordham are the owners and Directors of Capital School of English. Operational and visible within the school, they oversee the very high standards the school has in terms of providing a 360 degree provision for international students. Key to the success of Capital, both directors are passionate about maintaining the school’s philosophy of Live, Study, Develop and Achieve.


FUTURE SUCCESS is a course designed to get students working together. A course about collaboration and sharing that enables and develops employability and global talent. During the course students work collaboratively on a series of projects that focus on the mindset and attitude needed for the future job market, while developing the key communicating tool of that market, the English language. The projects grow in length and complexity and in line with STEAM’s principles of integrating science, technology, engineering, the arts and maths, they give students the opportunity to contribute their existing knowledge while learning from others.

In learning spaces, physical and virtual, designed to make it easier to work together and alongside multi-disciplinary tutors, students work without barriers to create, innovate and collaborate inside and outside the school.


  • FCE
  • Young Learners Summer School

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