International House Manchester has four Directors, Katie Hayes, Peter Hayes, Michael Brennan and John Glew-O’Leary.

Pete and Katie taught English. They met in Verona, Italy. They taught together at the Bell School, Prague. They decided to get married there, which was nice. From there they moved to teach in Italy, Canterbury, Oxford and Cheltenham. Finally settling in Gloucester. Katie started to work in a bank, Pete became a Director of Studies.

Mick loves football. He always has. At school he loved football and Blackburn Rovers FC more than he loved studying. But he did both as well as he could. He became Community Development Manager at his beloved club and he graduated from university in Sport Science.

Pete had the idea to start a summer junior English and football course. Mick understood what he meant. Together they made that happen. People wanted a year long football course, so they started one. Katie left the bank and started to work with them. She was good at maths.

Pete and Katie loved International House. They worked for them and studied there. So in 2014 they were both very happy to make their school “IH Manchester”.

John is a good teacher but an even better manager. Pete, Mick and Katie all liked John very much. So they made him a Director in 2018.

And so here we all are. All with our different skills and specialities, working together to make IH Manchester work best for its students. We all care very much about our school, so tell us if you want us to know anything at all to help make it better.

Happy learning!


  • English & Football
  • FCE
  • Young Learners Summer School

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